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Halloween Animations and Halloween Clipart

Free Halloween animated gifs plus clipart. There is a wide variety of graphics on this page including pumpkins, witches, cauldrons, ghouls, wizards, ghosts, trick or treaters, black cats and scarecrows.

Bats and a full moon means good luck. Right? Happy Halloween!

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waiting for the great pumpkin
You are never too old to believe in the Great Pumpkin.
Of course, it could just be a crazy old man guarding his pumpkin patch on Halloween.
halloween sign
Halloween sign with three jack-o'-lanterns.
jack-o'-lantern on fire
Jack-o'-lantern with animated fire.
Halloween scene ghost
Halloween scene with ghost, black cat and Jack-o'-lantern.
frightful pumpkin
Scary pumpkin animated transparent background.
Halloween Witch
Witch on a broom with her black cat.

Trick or treat with a ghost.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with a scary jack-o'-lantern.
ghost and witch
Little ghost and witch.
witch standing holding her broom
Witch preparing to cast a spell.
witch and bats
Witch flying on her broom with bats and Happy Halloween.
black cauldron bubbling
Bubbling black cauldron with fire.
pumpkin animated with ghosts
Animated pumpkin with ghosts.
Halloween monster animated
Look into my eyes. You will come to my house on halloween.
Halloween monster
Happy Halloween with a ghoul.
animated wizard
Halloween wizard.

angry jack-o-lantern
Scary Jack-O-Lantern
Happy Halloween with bats and scary scene.
a happy ghost
Ghost with smile.
animated witch on broom
Witch flying on her broom.
Ghost friends wishing you a Happy Halloween.
trick or treater
An Angel trick or treater clipart image.
Halloween scene
Halloween with jack-o'-lanterns, ghost and bats.
spooky jack-o'lantern
Spooky jack-o'-lantern clipart.

ghost happy halloween
Happy Halloween with friendly ghost plus animation.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with jack-o'-lanterns.
haunted house with ghosts, witches and trick or treaters
What could be happening inside the haunted house that's so scary it spooked a ghost? Could the red eyes looking out the broken windows be a clue?
witch and cauldron
A witch cooking her favorite brew in a black cauldron clipart.
black cat animation
Black Cat on a crescent moon.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with dark jack-o'-lanterns.

flashing skull
Flashing skull animation on black.
cute witch
Cute witch with cauldron animation.
Happy Halloween gate
Happy Halloween with spooky gate and bats.
jack-o'-lantern animation
Animated Jack-o'-lantern
Dancing bat
A friendly vampire bat dancing animation.
A Halloween scarecrow with animation.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween with animation.
witch on broom
Witch flying on her broom stick. I thought witches sat on their brooms.

Happy Halloween
Black cat with Happy Halloween - Someone Is Watching! This halloween image is sized for Facebook but may be used on websites.
fun witch
Fun witch flying on her broom with Happy Halloween.
floating ghost
A levitating ghost with red eyes.
haunted house
Halloween Scene, Grim Reaper, Haunted Mansion, Bats, Jack-o’-lanterns, Witch
Happy Halloween with ghost in black and white
Happy Halloween ghost - JPEG. Click image for print view.
ghost playing baseball
A ghost playing baseball with a jack-o'-lantern clipart.
trick or treaters
Many trick or treaters clipart.
Halloween decorations
If money can't buy happiness - explain Halloween decorations.

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